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A-Z Complete Concrete Solution

A-Z Complete Concrete Solution


It can entirely adapt to the infrastructure: new countryside housing, urban and rural construction, tunnel, airport, port, high-speed rail, highway, water conservancy. It owns rapid equipment installation, guaranteed concrete quality, high profit rate, and all-the-way tracking service.

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H-series pioneer concrete complete equipment includes a set of concrete batching plant, a concrete pump truck and 3 concrete mixing trucks. Supported by the rich experiences of manufacturing concrete machinery, H-series pioneer concrete complete equipment will become the real pioneer to help the countryside realize urbanization and the society implements “China Dream”.

Blooming market prospect

Given the rural housing construction mainly based on wooden and brick structure, the news that a large number of casualties caused by the collapsed and damaged houses during the eruption of earthquakes in China shocks the whole world, which made people have a deep understanding of the importance of construction security, thus we must put the security of housing as the first place in the future new countryside construction. From the perspective of this case, the reinforced concrete structure owning better seismic performance and security could enjoy popularity among the infrastructure in the rural area.

Prospective market returns

H-series pioneer concrete complete equipment has fine investment income, if its annual sales can reach to 25,000 m³, the profits will amount to 1.77 million yuan per year. Please consult the professional investment consultant in terms of the detailed investment programs.
Project Unit price Quantity Amount
Annual revenue 320yuan/m³ 25,000 m³ 8 million yuan
Material cost 200 yuan/m³ 25,000 m³ 5 million yuan
Energy and Maintenance costs 12 yuan/m³ 25,000 m³ 3 billion yuan
Artificial management costs 45,000 yuan/person/year 10 persons 4.5 billion yuan
Business tax 6% —— 4.8 billion yuan
Annual profit —— —— 1.77 million yuan

H-series complete equipment combination

Series Model Equipment
1 set of concrete mixing plant(a set) 1 small concrete pump truck 3 concrete mixing trucks
H8 H8-50 HZS50 21m 4m³
H8-75 HZS75 21m 6m³
H9 H9-50 HZS50 25m 4m³
H9-75 HZS75 25m 6m³
H10 H10-50 HZS50 29m 4m³
H10-75 HZS75 29m 6m³

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